Saturday, May 2, 2009

Best Dollar-store Deals and Duds

Here is MSN's Money's guide to the 5 best Dollar-store deals and several products you should leave on the shelves.

Deals: Household cleaners
Duds: Vitamins and drugs
Deals: Shampoos
Dud: Toothpaste
Deals: Spices
Duds: Batteries
Deals: Kitchen utensils
Duds: Electrical products
Deals: Party goods and gift wrap/bags
Duds: Jewelry and vinyl lunchboxes

To find out more details go to:

No need to purchase these five great items for an extra cost, just visit your local Dollar-store and save a bundle! I truly love the clear shoe containers for storage, the pop-up room fresheners, gift bags and tissue. Not to mention the choclate covered pretzles; all for a dollar each!