Thursday, December 23, 2010


Pricing varies and depends on the individual needs for each client, and if I work alone or with the client.

Typical Pricing:

Garage/home/office/classroom/storage unit/kitchen organizing, staging, and Move-Ins/Move-Outs: $55-$70/hr
Filing/paperwork/creating filing systems/personal shopping/organizing finances: $45-$50/hr
Additional costs for gas/mileage outside of Boulder and long distance travel. I have clients around the United States.

Typical Client Comments/Questions:
-I have to get organized enough for you to come over.
-I don't know where to begin.
-I'll start organizing when the kids go back to school, but before I knew it they were on summer break AGAIN!
-Where are my keys?
-Where is my purse/credit card/wallet?
-I can't park in my garage.
-I can park in my garage, but I can barely get out of my car.
-I need to wrap a gift, but I can't find the wrapping paper and tape.
-And where are the scissors?
-Help! I don't know what color to paint the walls in my living room.
-My child's teacher is phenomenal, but the classroom is overwhelming and so disorganized they can't learn.
-My kids won't invite their friends over because they are too embarassed.

Typical Client Results:
-Classroom Organizing
-Color/Design Consultation
-Compassionate Downsizing
-Custom Filing Solutions
-Financial Organizing
-Home/Office Organizing
-Insurance Documentation
-Orchestrating Moves
-Personal Coach
-Personal Shopping
-Public Speaking
-Relocation & Remodel
-Deep Cleaning
-Remove Unwanted Materials (Deliver to charity of your choice, recycling, etc)

About Me:
-Former elementary school teacher (18 years)
-Wrote curriculum on national level
-Public speaker on national level
-Flexible scheduling
-Personal trainer/Certified Yoga Instructor
-Ski Instructor
-Obsessed with organizing