Monday, May 25, 2015

Simply Grateful!

I'm TRULY GRATEFUL! Yes, truly grateful EVERYDAY!! I LOVE helping others create order in their lives and being a part of their new found energy, de-cluttered & simplified lifestyle, smiles, and appreciation. After breaking my right elbow in a cyclo-cross race last October, and having to refrain from most work for 3 months, 2015 has been filled with daily opportunities to help others uncover lost energy, desire, and personal belongings! I have been organizing almost 7 days a week for the past 5 months with numerous clients most days/evenings, just to fit everyone in, and I'm SO GRATEFUL! Grateful is the word that continually popes into my thoughts, day and night, when thinking of my life; family, health, home, location, and clients! I too am empowered by my client's regained energy, motivation, smiles and appreciation. EVERY SINGLE DAY a client states out loud, "I've been looking for this!" or "This find, makes it all worth it!" Another heartfelt comment that tugs at my emotions is, "I(we) couldn't have done this without you!" The emotion on their face says it all and I am truly grateful to share my gift with others! As I sit here on Memorial Day(yes, I'm actually sitting!), grateful for our Service Men and Women, I'm reflecting on the thoughtful words that were shared with me via technology this week: An e-mail quote from a client on vacation, after she received pictures of what I had accomplished prior to a realtor photographer photo shoot, "SO SPARKILING AND PRESTINE!!! I LOVE HOW EVERYTHING LOOKS!!!! GLORIOUS!!! I AM GRATEFUL!!!! WOW!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Thanks 10 Million!!! Katherine "After seeing what you accomplished, and how you handled the emotional situation, my crew really wants you to come in and apply your skills to our office, asap." Todd "We are so blessed. We couldn't have done this without you!" Dudley "I would never wish this basement cleaning/organizing upon anyone, and as time went on yesterday, the task went from daunting to exciting!" Sylvia "!!! Amazing... Beautiful!!!" Sarah "Shelley is a true gift. A fantastic find!" Peter (Verbal praise overheard from a father to his daughter.) Have a glorious day everyone. It's time for me to get moving and put fresh sheets on beds!