Thursday, November 29, 2012

How Much do You Spend On Cleaning Products Each Month?

$66.95 is how much residents of Knoxville, Tennessee spend on cleaning products each month! REALLY??!! "It's the highest average in the nation, as determined by purchases on, a home-goods shopping site. Residents of Pocatello, Idaho, spend at least:$9.08. Want southern cleanliness a western price? A basic (and cheap!) lemon is all you need to clean everything from countertops to cutting boards, the garbage disposal to tile grout!" (Julia Edelstein; Real Simple, Sept. 2012) Plus, remember if you wipe down your bathroom counters with a washcloth, toss water around in your sinks and showers after each use, pick up crumbs when they fall, don't wear shoes in the house, and use a lemon, cleaning will be minimal when you get around to the big clean. Plus, Method cleaning supplies don't cost much and are earth friendly too!