Monday, May 25, 2015

Simply Grateful!

I'm TRULY GRATEFUL! Yes, truly grateful EVERYDAY!! I LOVE helping others create order in their lives and being a part of their new found energy, de-cluttered & simplified lifestyle, smiles, and appreciation. After breaking my right elbow in a cyclo-cross race last October, and having to refrain from most work for 3 months, 2015 has been filled with daily opportunities to help others uncover lost energy, desire, and personal belongings! I have been organizing almost 7 days a week for the past 5 months with numerous clients most days/evenings, just to fit everyone in, and I'm SO GRATEFUL! Grateful is the word that continually popes into my thoughts, day and night, when thinking of my life; family, health, home, location, and clients! I too am empowered by my client's regained energy, motivation, smiles and appreciation. EVERY SINGLE DAY a client states out loud, "I've been looking for this!" or "This find, makes it all worth it!" Another heartfelt comment that tugs at my emotions is, "I(we) couldn't have done this without you!" The emotion on their face says it all and I am truly grateful to share my gift with others! As I sit here on Memorial Day(yes, I'm actually sitting!), grateful for our Service Men and Women, I'm reflecting on the thoughtful words that were shared with me via technology this week: An e-mail quote from a client on vacation, after she received pictures of what I had accomplished prior to a realtor photographer photo shoot, "SO SPARKILING AND PRESTINE!!! I LOVE HOW EVERYTHING LOOKS!!!! GLORIOUS!!! I AM GRATEFUL!!!! WOW!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Thanks 10 Million!!! Katherine "After seeing what you accomplished, and how you handled the emotional situation, my crew really wants you to come in and apply your skills to our office, asap." Todd "We are so blessed. We couldn't have done this without you!" Dudley "I would never wish this basement cleaning/organizing upon anyone, and as time went on yesterday, the task went from daunting to exciting!" Sylvia "!!! Amazing... Beautiful!!!" Sarah "Shelley is a true gift. A fantastic find!" Peter (Verbal praise overheard from a father to his daughter.) Have a glorious day everyone. It's time for me to get moving and put fresh sheets on beds!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

How Much do You Spend On Cleaning Products Each Month?

$66.95 is how much residents of Knoxville, Tennessee spend on cleaning products each month! REALLY??!! "It's the highest average in the nation, as determined by purchases on, a home-goods shopping site. Residents of Pocatello, Idaho, spend at least:$9.08. Want southern cleanliness a western price? A basic (and cheap!) lemon is all you need to clean everything from countertops to cutting boards, the garbage disposal to tile grout!" (Julia Edelstein; Real Simple, Sept. 2012) Plus, remember if you wipe down your bathroom counters with a washcloth, toss water around in your sinks and showers after each use, pick up crumbs when they fall, don't wear shoes in the house, and use a lemon, cleaning will be minimal when you get around to the big clean. Plus, Method cleaning supplies don't cost much and are earth friendly too!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Kudos for Simply Persnickety

Here are a few compliments, I received in writing, that I'd like to share with you:

"I want to introduce you to my awesome organizer, Shelley. She has done wonders for me to help me clear clutter and make my space more livable, as well as help me organize my office! Shelley can also do this with the greatest of tact and compassion. I know she can help you turn your home into a sanctuary." Todd

"You are SO good at helping people improve their surroundings and their
lives. You're such an inspiration. Thank you for helping us all." Christine

"You are one of the hardest working people I have ever seen." Tony

"I'm amazed at what you've accomplished in such a short period of time. I wish we had done this years ago. This is what I had envisioned living in my home would look like!" Candice

"Shelley is a professional organizer who can do move out purging, organization, and is an absolute wonder woman." Amy, realtor

"I am writing to recommend Shelley Hartman, an amazing home and life organizing consultant. She has helped me find order in my crazy home. I hired her to help with my home office which is also where I manage my business. Immediately, she made a difference and has since attacked some other in-need areas - closet, kitchen, living room, laundry. I am a little addicted, but she has taught me so many great skills that I think I am ready to be organized on my own. It is a beautiful thing. You should contact her today." Jen

"The house looks fabulous but we can't be too perfect in today's market. The 4 areas of master closet, laundry, boiler room and Pantry could use the touch of a house organizer. I recommend Shelly Hartman: 303.549.0494
She can do all 4 areas in 3 hours if she can work without interruption!" Peyman, Broker Associate
Modern Real Estate

"Thank you SO much, I'm so lucky to have found you. You keep me sane." Nancy

"As for your fabulous work… Shelley… thank you thank you! My son is now a big believer that “everything has a place.”  And… he has so much respect for (his teacher) that he’s more inspired to keep his own things under control." Kelly

"Thank you sooo much. I could just lay down my head and cry with relief.“ Stephanie
“I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off me, and I was energized for the whole weekend. I was able to use my files easily all week. I can’t wait for you to be here next week.”

“I love the job we did together! It truly saved my life. The whole thing had gotten so unmanageable. You were fabulous, respectful, nonjudgmental, and encouraging. And, you have gotten me and the family back on a roll. Since you left, I got rid of more clothes, games, doll clothes, books, bikes. We bought colorful storage containers, chairs, trash can for the art room. And two-step stools for the girls' closets. The rooms remain clean. We are all cleaning up as we go (with expected grumbling from the husband and kids). I also got a couple of organizing bins for the garage...and cardboard boxes to organize photos by year when mother-in-law is here. You even inspired the housekeepers, who spontaneously folded all of mine and Dave's clothes in our closet.

The girls had a traumatic moment (crying/protesting) when they realized how many doll clothes I gave away. I view this as necessary mourning re: the whole shift in the amount of stuff and our relationship to the stuff. You can consider yourself to be an effective antidepressant!" Stephanie

“You did an excellent job. So glad I found you and that you are in my life.” Irene

“I am so grateful for your help. I feel that for me it was as valuable as any professional development that I have taken.” Devira

“I was given your name by our fabulous principal, Val, who is singing your praises.” Thea

“Just wanted to let you know the package is GORGEOUS!!! We’ll present it this afternoon. Thank you, thank you for all your help with this wonderful gift.” Kelly

“It’s perfect, thank you! They look very nice. Elegant, simple, clean. Just like you!” Diane

"I spent all day cleaning the kitchen, doing all the dishes and most of the laundry. It's amazing how much energy and motivation has been released. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!" Amber

"I will be in need of your assistance again. You are a very competent individual and have been an enormous help to me." Irene "You are such a dear. You brought tears to my eyes when I came home and found my shoes all lined up. Thank you!"

"I LOVED what we got done yesterday! I'm so happy to finally be tackling these irritating spaces in the house. I did my homework! I threw out the trash and recycled the paper. I went through last year’s Xmas cards. And, I also dealt with all the paper and stuff hanging out in the kitchen. (My husband) was really excited to see what we accomplished. He's on board!" Krista

"Thank you again. You rock! You provided more than a clean and organized garage; you provided time, energy, calmness and inspiration!! Yeah!!" Jessie

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Pricing varies and depends on the individual needs for each client, and if I work alone or with the client.

Typical Pricing:

Garage/home/office/classroom/storage unit/kitchen organizing, staging, and Move-Ins/Move-Outs: $55-$70/hr
Filing/paperwork/creating filing systems/personal shopping/organizing finances: $45-$50/hr
Additional costs for gas/mileage outside of Boulder and long distance travel. I have clients around the United States.

Typical Client Comments/Questions:
-I have to get organized enough for you to come over.
-I don't know where to begin.
-I'll start organizing when the kids go back to school, but before I knew it they were on summer break AGAIN!
-Where are my keys?
-Where is my purse/credit card/wallet?
-I can't park in my garage.
-I can park in my garage, but I can barely get out of my car.
-I need to wrap a gift, but I can't find the wrapping paper and tape.
-And where are the scissors?
-Help! I don't know what color to paint the walls in my living room.
-My child's teacher is phenomenal, but the classroom is overwhelming and so disorganized they can't learn.
-My kids won't invite their friends over because they are too embarassed.

Typical Client Results:
-Classroom Organizing
-Color/Design Consultation
-Compassionate Downsizing
-Custom Filing Solutions
-Financial Organizing
-Home/Office Organizing
-Insurance Documentation
-Orchestrating Moves
-Personal Coach
-Personal Shopping
-Public Speaking
-Relocation & Remodel
-Deep Cleaning
-Remove Unwanted Materials (Deliver to charity of your choice, recycling, etc)

About Me:
-Former elementary school teacher (18 years)
-Wrote curriculum on national level
-Public speaker on national level
-Flexible scheduling
-Personal trainer/Certified Yoga Instructor
-Ski Instructor
-Obsessed with organizing

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cleaning Wool Rugs

A girlfriend inquired last night how to clean a new wool rug. She had purchased a discounted floor model with a few smudges. I haven't had the opportunity to clean a wool rug, and I simply thought a hand steam cleaner would do the job. I was WRONG! After researching, I found out that the steam can create shrinkage. Follow these simple steps to clean your wool rugs: or

F.Y.I. I personally won't purchase a rug from Pottery Barn, because of the obnoxious smelling glue they use. I have found that client's who have purchased rugs from Pottery Barn end up giving them away, because of the burning odor their rugs emanate after a few years.

To start my month off clean, I washed all of my throw rugs. Plus, I washed my car and the towel I keep on the floor, in front of my child's car seat. (It's a fast way to keep the floor mats clean and looking new. A quick shake and regular wash keeps the winter road goop out of my mats.)

What can you do to start your month off right?

Monday, January 11, 2010

An Amazing Day at the Office!

I had a FABULOUS day toady! My mother-in-law is in town and blessed us with her presence. She is as persnickety ("but not as obsessive") as I am, so I was thrilled when she agreed to join me on a new job today. She was "invaluable." What amazing results we created, and what fun! My client said she "could put down her head and cry with joy and relief." I'm still excited about my day.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Under Bed Storage

I love being able to roll out my gift wrapping station from under my guest bed. Not only do I keep paper, tissue, gift bags and some ribbon in the tote, but also scissors, tape, and kid's birthday card and gift I picked up from Tuesday Morning (and the Dollar Store) for that last minute birthday party. Easy and convenient!