Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cleaning Wool Rugs

A girlfriend inquired last night how to clean a new wool rug. She had purchased a discounted floor model with a few smudges. I haven't had the opportunity to clean a wool rug, and I simply thought a hand steam cleaner would do the job. I was WRONG! After researching, I found out that the steam can create shrinkage. Follow these simple steps to clean your wool rugs: http://www.ehow.com/how_155898_wash-wool-rug.html or http://www.glen-eden.com/glenedenwoolcare.pdf

F.Y.I. I personally won't purchase a rug from Pottery Barn, because of the obnoxious smelling glue they use. I have found that client's who have purchased rugs from Pottery Barn end up giving them away, because of the burning odor their rugs emanate after a few years.

To start my month off clean, I washed all of my throw rugs. Plus, I washed my car and the towel I keep on the floor, in front of my child's car seat. (It's a fast way to keep the floor mats clean and looking new. A quick shake and regular wash keeps the winter road goop out of my mats.)

What can you do to start your month off right?