Sunday, April 5, 2009

Enjoying the Chill

Garden Getaway

Thanks to Heather Jondle, Salem, NH, for sharing what she does whenever she feels a hint of the winter blues. "I go to my local garden center and visit the greenhouse. It's like a mini-vacation for the senses. The quiet beauty surrounds me, and the warm tropical air and scents of gardenias make it a great place to linger."

To prepare for spring gardens, take a field trip to to your local nursery and enjoy all the colors of spring. Be careful though. Are you just going to look or buy? Have a goal in mind, a time line, a location, and/or a budget. I know I've been over zealous and bought more plants than I could plant in a given time and a spring snow storm or heat wave have gotten the best of my new baby plants, and my money has gone down the drain.

Take pleasure in awakening your senses. Happy Spring!

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Bonnie said...

That sounds really good. I haven't planted anything in a couple of years.. we have bunnies but I do have pots and I could put them out on the porch or deck! the boys love to watch them grow also.