Saturday, April 4, 2009

Procrastinate NO More!

Do you have a "To Do" list? Whether it be written down or in your head, we all create lists of hopes and aspirations. Whether is be personal, work, family, or home related, we all have goals we'd like to achieve, but something holds us back from fully attempting the task at hand.

Today's the day. What have you been wanting to accomplish? Go write your goal down, with a BIG BLACK PERMANENT MARKER, on a HUGE piece of paper. On the back side, write down everything you think of that is keeping you from accomplishing your goal. Now rip up the paper and throw it in the recycle bin (feels good already!).

They're ALL EXCUSES. Get out there and attack the most difficult task first! It may be emotional, physically demanding, or time consuming, but get OFF the computer and get to work. YOU CAN DO IT!!! What an immense sense of pleasure you will feel when you've completed your goal, and all the other "To Dos" will be a piece of cake.

I'm off to accomplish my undesirable task! Have FUN!

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Bonnie said...

I have started writing one goal at a time, even little things.. and then break them down in steps. Seems to be working for me except now with the puppy, not getting much else done besides potty training and mostly cleaning up messes...