Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Change Out Your Sponges

Get ready to change out your sponge tomorrow - the first day of each month.

Be prepared! Do you have a new color for April? Or, another new sponge waiting in line for its debut tomorrow?

If this is the first time you're hearing about trading out sponges once a month, here are a few tips (or reminders):

Use two sponges in your kitchen each month, one for dishes and one for the floor/cabinets. Be pro-ative and pick up crumbs/wipe up splashes right when they happen;

Use different colors to differentiate months and uses, Feb. = pink, March = green, April = yellow, May = blue, etc. OR, if you use the same color each month - No Scratch blue sponges - cut a corner off after one month's use, two after the 2nd month (when it gets moved into the house cleaning or garage bin);

Throw your sponges in each time you use your dishwasher, to sanitize them;

Wash and wring them out after each use. Don't let food, soap, or water sit in the sponges. Mold/bacteria will begin to build quickly. (This goes for wash cloths too!)

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Bonnie said...

Great reminder!

Thanks again for stopping by yesterday. So nice to finally meet in person.