Monday, December 7, 2009

Hair Everywhere!

I don't know about you, but my hair seems to fall out all year long! I was told by my hair stylist that humans shed about three times a year. From the amount of hair around my house, it seems like I go through a major shedding process daily. Yes, I do clean up the hair daily, so I know. Because I lack a proper plug outlet in my bathroom for my Dust Buster to stay plugged in and out of the way and don't want to get the Swiffer out before work each morning, I generally lean over and swipe the floor with a tissue to pick up run away hair (and wipe the dust off the floorboards) to keep a clean bathroom. It helps slow down the need for a "big clean."

Tip for today: Keep your drawers closed when brushing your hair! (and flushing!)

Plus, pull the dead hair out of your brush often and pick up any loose strands that may be lounging in your drawers. They can add up!

Find out proper care for your brush:

While we're discussing bathroom drawers. Please wash out and dry off (wash cloth) your tooth brush prior to returning it to it's happy home. Unless you have a private little room for your throne, I'd suggest placing your toothbrush in a closed drawer or cabinet. Make sure to read tomorrow's post to find out more!

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