Sunday, December 6, 2009

Less Mess

Tip: Open your milk containers with caps or screw tops over the sink. The milk that dries on the container opening always crumbles off when opening the cap. Have you noticed? Just think, that mess is now all over your kitchen, depending on where you open the container. Create a new routine today to open the milk container over the sink. One less mess to have to clean.

Don't drink milk? You can use this new routine of opening containers and ingredients over the sink any time you cook/eat. Flower, sugar, screw top cinnamon/spice containers, cooking sprays, new cereal or cake/bread mixes are all disasters waiting to happen. For less mess, do it over the sink!

Also, check out my tip on using a new sponge each month, "Start the Month Off Right" (January, 30th, '09) for a cleaner kitchen.

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