Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cents About Scents

When asked, What are possible solutions to unwanted scents? (especially in a CLEAN home), my two initial thoughts are: memories of returning home from the gym, before the sun rises, and detecting exactly what I made for dinner the night before; and air purifiers. If I remember correctly, smell is the most powerful memory recall agent - it can take you back to your childhood it's so powerful. The scent of your home is generally, besides curb appeal, the first impression a guest has about your house. Sometimes, a scent can even be detected before one enters a building, and therefore creates a connection and a memory. What kind of lasting memories can your residence portray.

So, what to do about these smells? Financially, I haven't gravitated towards the idea of purchasing an air purifier, but that's not to say the thought doesn't linger in my brain. I do have prior knowledge of different types of air purifiers, and although Honeywell makes a presence in a room visually, it deletes the unwanted smells that are present.
Check out: http://www.consumersearch.com/air-purifiers. Honeywell scores high and has a great cost.

What I do to eliminate negative smells - no matter how great my dinner was the night before - is two old fashion and cheap remedies: open up the house and let it breath - yes, even on cold days - and use candles. Remember the effect a match has in the bathroom? Same idea with a candle. Choose one that is sweet and simple - not overpowering, or no scent at all. Burn a few around the house - direct area and the highest point in your home where smells travel - like heat! Then there is good ole, Lysol - my son always knows when I have emptied and sprayed the bathroom trash can.

Most of all, be pro active; take your trash out after making dinner. Use a small trash can and grocery store plastic bags - no need to buy name brand bags - and throw your trash out every night you make dinner. (To use less bags, dump your trash into one large garbage bag. But make sure to tie it each night or put a rock on the outdoor trash can lid, so the trash doesn't end up in your yard - or your neighbors!) Go around your house and fill up the bag from your other trash cans. plus, for those of you who compost, use a lid on your Tupperware compost container (one of the large bowls, w/a cover, that rarely gets taken out of the back of your cupboard.)

Those thoughts are just the beginning of my opinions, but I'm off for now to create my own kitchen smells. Cheers

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