Friday, January 30, 2009

Start the Month Off Right!

To Do List: Be prepared for new month:

1.) Go to Store
Shopping List: SPONGES - four different colors (two per month)
Large Sharpee Permanent Marker - fat tip on one side, skinny on the other. (Always handy to have in the kitchen "useful drawer.")
Scrub Brush - or sponge brush w/soap dispenser

2.) Throw out old sponges. Take two new sponges and decide which color for dishes/counter tops and which color for floor/cabinet doors, etc. If you just purchased a new sponge - turn it into the floor sponge. Optional: Use the perm. marker to make a symbol in the corner of each sponge, so you/your family remembers which one is for dishes vs floor. I pick a color for each month; pink for Feb. green for March, yellow for April, etc.

-Rotate your sponges every month: dish sponge becomes floor sponge next month, floor sponge becomes bathroom sponge, bathroom sponge becomes anything you want it to be - garage or trash! You don't want to know what lives in your sponge! If you don't believe in using sponges - dish rags are the same!

-Each time you run your dish washer, throw your sponges in with the load. This will disinfect the sponges. Please, wash and squeeze out the water from your sponges each time they are used - this will help from mildew buildup. Do not let your sponges sit in the sink w/water, much less food on them.

3.) Place four - or more - washcloths under each bathroom sink - in little square basket if possible.

- Keep a wash cloth folded in eighths, behind your bathroom sink faucet. Wipe down the bathroom counter top each time you use the sink. (Teach your family members to do this too.) By wiping down the counter and faucet each time, the sink will have less water spots/liquid soap residue/toothpaste, etc., and keep you from having to clean it as often. Plus, if your family members are spitting out blue gunk into the sink - it means, A. they're not brushing long enough before spitting; And/Or, B. they have too much tooth paste. Have them wash it down the drain while they're brushing, so it doesn't stick to the sink, dry up, and leave a big mess! Wipe the mirror down too please.

- Depending on your family, toss the wash cloth in the laundry every/every other day, and grab a new cloth from under the sink.

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Bonnie said...

I didn't know you could put sponges in the dishwasher.. I'm going to do that! Also love the idea of a washcloth to wipe down sink. I'm going to implement that one today.

I have a hard time with my housecleaning routine..seems I'm always catching up. I would rather have a routine to keep up. I would love any pointers you may have on that. You probably charge for that though..right? Maybe just a little tip or two?

Keep them coming.. I love them.