Monday, January 26, 2009

Every Home Has It's Own Scent

Do you truly know what your home smells like? Have you entered your house and been able to detect the lingering smell? Here's a few examples: We used to have our cat box inside the house, and since we've moved the box to the garage, we can't believe that stench was in our home. And, although I am ecstatic that Boulder, CO has curbside compost, some residents are unaware of the fowl smell coming from their kitchens. Before walking around your home later with a bottle of "Fresh Air" or some other chemical, trying to cover up "some scent," invite a GOOD FRIEND to come over. Ask him/her to be as frank as possible with you, as you walk through your home, about the different smells. Because, every home has it own scent! Now put on the gloves. Method is a great planet friendly product - for sale at all Target stores.

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Terra said...

Elaborate please...we clean the house weekly and i mean CLEAN IT...but sometimes the house has a scent usually after cooking meals and it lingers for a day or too...I hate the perfumy sprays what else can be done?