Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Home, Sweet-Smelling Home"

While distracted and bored on the elliptical, at the gym this morning, I ran over to grab the last remaining magazine on the rack. To my most utmost surprise, as I opened the April, 2007, issue of domino magazine, I read one of the titles "Home, Sweet-Smelling Home" in the index. I was ecstatic and had to close my mouth, so drool wouldn't short circuit the machine, when I realized the magazine had confirmed my blog entry yesterday. "Whether airing out last night's takeout...", (pg 104.) Domino's suggestion, amongst others, was "Incense has come a long way... Acqua di Parma's citrus and rose version neutralizes food odors in a flash! 'Colonia' $19 for stores." See, I wasn't just pulling your leg. I do know what I'm talking about. It's in black and white! (With a little pink.) Candles and incense are great neutralizers. Check out domino's web site for the whole article and which candles they suggest for different ambiances your looking for.

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Terra said...

very very good to know. I do use a candle in my kitchen, but as you mentioned the odor (like heat) flies straight to Hailey's bedroom that always seems to smell like Stew or garlic or pot roast. I am not likely to put a candle in her room but I do air it out as often as possible and it is really only a problem in the winter - when the AC is on it seems to help!

Might need to check out though