Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Garage Sales - Set A Date!

Now is the time for constructive spring cleaning. A little organizing here and a little organizing there is great. But, when push comes to shove, do you truly have an organized home? EVERYTHING may be in it's place, but how CROWDED is that space?

Downsize! Ask yourself, What truly do you need? What would you take with you if your home was on fire? What would you take with you if your neighbor's house was on fire, yours was next, and you had time to get more items out?

Do you have two of something? WHY???
Do you have cans of unused paint, that you thought you might use, but disliked the color?
How often do you truly use that mini fridge in your garage? Yes, the one frozen shut with frost buildup.
How many pairs of tennis shoes do you have? Just in the garage?
How many bikes/scooters/golf clubs do you have - that are broken/rusted/damaged?
How many candles do you have? Old picture frames?
You get the gist.

Get a calendar out and set a date for a late spring garage sale. ONCE YOU HAVE A DATE, YOU HAVE A GOAL!

Here's the fun part; Ask your neighbors to participate. They can set up in their own yard or combine their items with yours. Everyone has something to sell. You can even ask friends who don't live in your neighborhood to participate. Then, decide who gets to bring coffee/juice and bagels!

This is that perfect opportunity to invite your neighbors that you don't know to get involved in the neighborhood. Or, invite those neighbors that have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF in their garage - that you wish they'd keep their garages closed. Be pro-active and ask, that way you don't have to complain about their garage to your significant other. (Believe me, I know!) Plus, you can always drop a hint and place one of my cards/handouts in their door jam (or a personal organizer in your town.)

Spring is in the air, and so are the garage doors.


Terra said...

I have a pile THIS high in my basement just waiting for a garage sale! baby toys, clothes, old vacuums and printers...I HATE garage sales. I have only ever had one and swore I would never do it again, but I am and I will because I have too much stuff and I am not nice enough to just give it away!

Bonnie said...

I had one in the fall, not sure I'm ready for another one but I am going to start getting rid of and donating stuff soon!