Monday, March 23, 2009

Organize Time for Yourself!

Make sure to take time for you too! Here are a few simple ways to better your life:

Go herbal, drink HIBISCUS TEA, known to significantly lower your blood pressure - if you drink a few cups daily.

See Red, Seeing the color red can boost heart rate and adrenaline, which can rev up your energy.

Walk Away Cravings, a brisk 15 min walk can help eliminate the need to eat foods you crave, like chocolate. Get out for a walk rather than grabbing for that next unneeded snack.

Eat vegetarian, go meat-free and help out your digestive track and the planet. Curious? Check out The Great American Meatout @, and try it for a day.

Hit the Mat, make the ancient practice of yoga a part of your regular workout routine. It's amazing how our bodies will slow down - no matter how fast pace our lives truly are - and we will truly be in a better place to support all the other individuals in our lives.

Write it Down, "Research shows that when we write down our goals, we are as much as 30 percent more successful at sticking to them." (body+soul)


Terra said...

No hibiscus tea for me, makes me wheeze, I am going to check out the veggie thing though - I am not a big meat eater to begin with!

Bonnie said...

Love these tips. Since my gallbladder problem I am becoming much more aware of my health. I've always considered myself very healthy even though I'm overweight but I realize now that I'm in my 40's I can't keep getting away with some things. I won't be able to give up meat completely but going to try to cut down. I need a lot of protien. Do you have any good suggestions for alternatives? Also I've always wanted to do yoga on a reg basis. We have it on our WII fit.. Never had hibiscus tea, my blood pressure is pretty low as a rule.

Pooks said...

My favorite treat from Starbucks is unsweetened "Passion" tea, hot or iced. It is basically hibiscus tea with other good stuff like rosehips and lemongrass. I never knew it was good for blood pressure, though!

Thanks for the great tips, btw! I didn't even know you had a blog until just now. Must admit I was laughing at the sponge post a little (3/31) but you are offering realistic advice that I'm sure will come in very handy.