Saturday, March 7, 2009

Holiday Cards

Have you taken down and thrown out/recycled your holiday cards? Did you put them in a pile and left them on the counter or tucked them in a drawer to "deal" with them later? Perhaps they're still sitting in the basket that you tossed them in a few months ago.

Holiday cards are now an opportunity to share family photos with loved ones. But, unless you're going to take time to place those photos in a photo album or scan them - leave no paper trace - then give the photos one last look and toss them in the trash (Because, we all know where those other pile of photos, waiting to be put in albums, are sitting.)

On the other hand, instead of tossing old paper holiday cards, "mail them to St. Jude's Ranch for Children ( The nonprofit uses donated greeting cards to create new card sets, and the proceeds help abused children." (body+soul, Feb)

If you're having a hard time disposing holiday photos of family and friends, purchase a nice frame or bulletin board from Michael's and make a collage with all the photos. Switch them out each year.


Bonnie said...

Great ideas! I really like the collage idea. Then you can enjoy the pictures all year.

Terra said...

I don't keep cards...SHHHHHHHHHHHHH