Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Spring is in the air! The tulips are popping, hoses are being turned back on, and windows are being swung open yet again. Although the calendar still says it's winter, our beautiful, sunny Colorado weather is telling us to start shedding the winter layers. As the days are staying lighter longer, allow the new found energy to stimulate your spring cleaning.

1st, Get Out in Your Yard! Shed layers on you, while shedding the winter dirt layer on your lawn and garden. Listen to the natural tunes of nature, or your own tunes, and get down with your rake. Lunges, squats, triceps curls, etc.; yard work gives your body a fantastic work out! I bet you'll feel your hamstrings and rib cage tomorrow! (Whether it's 15 min or 3 hrs, you'll feel something!)

2nd, Go through your closets/baskets/etc. and eliminate the hats/gloves/winter coats/clothes/boots that you told yourself you'd wear this winter BUT YOU HAVEN'T! Do two things: one, donate them to someone who will cherish them like no other before winter ends, or two, bag them up and separate them form the other similar items. If you don't miss them and have not dug back in the bag by the end of winter/middle of spring, then donate the bag that is all ready to go!

3rd, Open your garage. Now go stand across the street or walk up and down the block past your house. Look at your garage as though seeing it through someone else's eyes. What has accumulated over the winter - especially in the dark nights, when you didn't feel like putting anything away. Take FIVE! Take five (plus) items and put them away. Take five more items and eliminate them from your home! Check out the paint that was left in your garage when the temperature dipped under freezing. Or, what about the caulk that was left with out a lid/nail and dried up. Find your local Resource/waste management location and drop off unwanted hazardous materials or list the good but unneeded materials on Craigslist "Free" posting and place them on your curb.

Enjoy all the new signs of spring!


Bonnie said...

Love the spring cleaning ideas. We've all been passing sickness around for the last month. Can't wait to clean everything inside and out! When going thru the winter stuff I will save any of the better stuff for your little guy..

Terra said...

WILL, you please put up a big sign in my neighborhood about number 3?