Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ask For What You Want

Whether it's the "best price for a multiple night deal," an upgrade to a suite, or breakfast, at your next hotel, ask for what you want. There's a difference between being a "squeaky wheel" and asking politely, with a smile, for what you desire.

My motto is: If you don't ask (with a smile), you don't get!

I called the hotel where I would be staying last week, the day prior to my arrival, and asked for exactly what I needed for my client - who needs handicap accessability. After repeating my needs twice, I was guarantied that everything would be ready. Therefore, when entering my room, I was shocked that three of my requests were not met. I asked for a new room - AND BREAKFAST for three. The following day, when our second set of rooms were not acceptable, I asked for something more appropriate - I was given a SUITE. At a late dinner, I was cold and asked if the air conditioning could be turned down (only two other tables in the restaurant,) and I was told there was a problem with the controls and we were OFFERED TEA or COFFEE.

I want to add that I use or for all of my travel plans; yet, I always call the hotel to ASK if they have any special deals going on at the time. (I travel every six weeks with a particular client, and numerous other times throughout the year.) For example; when I checked for prices on line one day, Travelocity's price was $284. A few days later it was posted at $168, same as the hotel's new price. When I called the hotel to inquire about multi-night deals, or any other deals, I was quoted $111 - if I was willing to for it to be nonrefundable. You bet I did! Representatives are not willing to reveal any deals unless you ASK.

I truly believe it's how you ask, and that this motto can be used in anything you do in life.
It goes along with my other motto: If you think you can, you will; If you think you can't, you won't!

Be assertive, not aggressive, and ask for what you desire - of YOURSELF and others.


Terra said...

well said shelly well said.

Shelley Hartman said...


Bonnie said...

I'm getting better at this..the other day we went to Mr. Biggs (used to be Fat City) We bought a 4 person pkg which included a pizza buffet. Well, come to find out they no longer had the buffet but they could offer us 4 pers size cheese pizzas. I said in a pleasant tone "you mean not only do we not get the buffet we purchased but we don't even get a topping on our pizzas"? he went to talk to the manager and we ended up getting a Large pizza, any toppings we wanted an order of Mozz. sticks and a pitcher of drinks with free refills! You are right it doesn't hurt to ask.