Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Little Housecleaning Tip or Two

I was asked for a few tips on how to keep a housecleaning routine ongoing, rather than feeling like, "I'm always catching up."

Here are a few ways I clean at my home, perhaps they will be helpful tips to you.

1.) Keep the house clean all the time, so it's never a big overhaul cleaning.

How do I do that, you ask???

- Keep the washcloth next to the faucet (as mentioned before), and wipe the bathroom counter/faucet down each use.

-Pick up the lint/crumbs as I walk by them. (Pick the crumbs up right when they fall - use of 2nd sponge, right! Or, I lick my finger tip and poke the crumb and wash my finger tip.)

-Keep a tiny dust pan and brush (the ones that connect - can be found at the Dollar Store) under the kitchen sink for larger spills. Kids love to use these and feel as though they have contributed with clean up after a meal/art project.

-Take shoes off at the door. Don't trace dirt around your home - especially winter chemicals from the street.

-Only eat at the table or counter (That goes for everyone!); and definitely not over any open drawer or cupboard.

- Keep a Swiffer ready to go (Duster and Sweeper) and use it while you're on the phone. If you know you call relatives or friends once (or more) a week (My mom on Sundays), then be prepared and walk around your house with a Swiffer as you're having a phone conversation. Mindless and effortless work being accomplished while doing something you enjoy.

-Put things away the first time (ONLY TOUCH SOMETHING ONCE!) If you're making sandwiches, put all the ingredients away before eating. Your kitchen should look like nothing just took place in its space. When finished with your sandwich, don't leave the empty plate on the counter or sink, open the dishwasher and pop it right in! Wash out your sponge every use, AND wring the water out completely - or mold will grow.

-Purchase a small ceramic dish or flat surfaced/no holes soap dish (mine is an olive oil dish to match my bath travertine stone) for your shower bar soap. Also purchase/use a flat, round makeup sponge to soak up any excess water/suds. The sponge is small enough to be hidden under your soap, yet will keep you from cleaning the shower's excess soap scum.

-Hose down your shower each time you finish. If you don't have a shower head hose, nor a handy family member to install one, leave a bucket/pitcher in your shower to collect the wasted water, while you're waiting for it to warm up. Toss the extra water over the walls and shower curtain. This simple task will conserve water and keep your shower walls from having to be scrubbed so often.
Take 30 seconds now and you'll save yourself hours in the end.

Okay, enough tips for now.


Tess said...

I like this!

Bonnie said...

Thank you Shelley.. I like the idea of being proactive so you don't have to spend a whole day cleaning!