Monday, February 23, 2009

Z Gallerie is going out of business - everything in store is 40 - 70-% off‏

My friend was running errands today and stopped by the Boulder 29th Street Mall. She noticed a 40% off sale sign in the window of Z Gallerie, and realized everything in the store was 40% - 70% off. The salesperson told her that they are closing the store at 29th Street Mall on March 15. She got some really great deals on glassware, bedding, incense, picture frames, etc...

Take a field trip to Boulder's 29th Street Mall. If you don't have time, go on line, and then ask a friend who lives in Boulder to take a field trip for you!

With spring right around the corner, consider swapping out throw pillows/comforter covers/silk flowers/candles/etc. for a fresh look. Just a dab of color can refresh a room, at a low cost, and you can feel rejuvenated by your living space.

Remember: One item in = one item out. Take this opportunity to clean out your linen closet or kitchen; YES, AGAIN!

Don't roll your eyes at me! Look at your closet/cabinets with an organizer's eye. You may be able to let go of something now that you were holding onto before.

Check out:
if you just want a Z Gallerie coupon, for a store near you.

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Bonnie said...

I always crave color this time of year! Thanks for the tip.